Make Waxing Your Car a Thing of the Past

Make Waxing Your Car a Thing of the Past

Hire us for expert ceramic car coating in Otterville, MO

Are you tired of constantly having to reapply wax to your car's exterior? Get the latest in protective sealant technology with ceramic coating services from Summers Auto Dealing in Otterville, MO. One application of our ceramic car coating will protect against dirt and dust buildup and add a glossy shine to even the oldest cars.

With our ceramic coating services, we make waxing obsolete. Make your appointment today by calling 660-287-4075.

Learn more about the benefits of ceramic coating

Compared to wax and other sealants, ceramic car coating has a number of distinct benefits. The coating:

  • Protects your car from water damage and UV rays
  • Gives your car a shiny outer coat
  • Requires less maintenance than other sealants

Contact us now to learn more about how a ceramic coating can help your vehicle.